Class Is In Session: Looking Dapper In A Suit


1. Add a Handkerchief To Up Your Gentlemen. Add’s More of A Flare To Your Suit Especially If It’s Boring

2. Never Button Your Bottom Button. “This Rule I Break Often” This is how you decide you to button your bottom button or not. If You Want To Look Dapper, But Casual at the time, don’t button the bottom button. Why you ask? Well having all your buttons buttoned, means you’re about business, you’re in a professional mood. Now If that’s the look you’re going for.. Then you know what to do.

3. You’re tie should end at the beginning of your belt buckle or in the center. Play it safe, and just end it at the beginning of your belt buckle. Don’t make things hard on yourself.

4. Cufflinks, they add personal flare to your suit “I can admit I don’t wear cufflinks, look at me being honest with you guys” we all fall short.

5. Pants should stop at the midpoint of your shoe. Fella’s “That Means Buy Jeans, Slacks, Producer Pants, that actually fit Umkay?

Shining Those Shoes.. Expensive Or Not.. Let’s Not Age What You’ve Spent Money On..

1. Remove Dirt With A Brush, If you don’t have a brush to spare for a shoe. Invest and/or get creative find a wash cloth something soft so it doesn’t scratch your shoe.

2. Apply Polish. Let Dry

3. Brush Again “wash cloth” whatever you’re using

4. Buff your shoe to a shine, “meaning wipe it back, and forth until you get that “ohhh my shoe looks nice” thought in your head

5. If you don’t have Polish “INVEST” it’s really not that expensive you can find it for $8 some places more or less depending on where you live.

Here’s a tip! If you don’t have polish the inside of a banana peel works too.! Get Into That