Product Report; La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream


Who doesn’t want to be beautiful! Raise your hand I Dare you! Ok If You Did.. You Have officially lied to me. All jokes to the side. La Prairie hailing all the way from Switzerland is offering Skin Caviar On a Tiffany’s Plate. Well no Tiffany’s Plate, but the caviar is Real. So lets get into Beauty shall we?

This textured cream is not only the ultimate in luxurious pampering; it provides the best focus, concentration and utmost hydration. It dramatically improves your skin’s elasticity and tone making your skin feel ultra smoove and tight! Don’t Touch Don’t Touch! My Faces Has $410 cream on it right now! Yes Children the name Caviar wasn’t placed there for no reason! As caviar “Fresh Eggs are expensive” so is “Skin caviar” with the small bottle retailing for $410, and the large bottle $745.

Beauty Cost!