Tom Ford spring 2014 Collection


Today in London Tom Ford unveiled his spring 2014 collection, and here at Male Critique we are fans of all things Tom Ford! This collection was no exception SEXY, chic, and dark! The collection kicked off with amazingly done brown leather pieces(shoes, jackets, & dresses) , the amount of detail put into these 1st three looks is pure skill and one that Ford knows all to well! while the collection featured some color Ford kept the collection dark even with the colors he choose to apply from the purples, pinks, blues, and yellows( and that’s mostly coming from one look lol). Speaking of color, some of the black/white(zebra-esque designs) and mesh/lace looks reminded me of a continuation from his Fall 2013 RTW collection.

Ford stuck with his signature thigh-high boot that has been the rave ever since he started putting them on the runway a few seasons ago, only now they’ve come crystalIzed and laced for 2014! (Rihanna were looking at you when we see these boots!).

Tom Ford always tends to take something simple and make it worth watching like his take on the bodycon dresses that have seem to have taken over spring trends on the runway he gives them glitz, glam, and some texture! Which is quit refreshing seeing as how I personally think bodycon dresses look cheap!

I can add another Tom Ford collection to my favorites, now check out the collection below…….


What do you think of Tom ford’s spring 2014 collection?


5 responses to “Tom Ford spring 2014 Collection

  1. Love the collection…. But I’d love for him to come up with something really really fresh, I feel like he’s mastered theses looks before.

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