Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2014 “A Tim Burton Film Brought To Life”

Thom Browne takes Fashion Week! I swear Thom & I share the same mind, I always talk about how much I love the Victorian Era, and this deranged make up & facial the models made were everything. Play your part model, Play your part! A Tim Burton Film Brought To Life. I say everyday that Thom Browne & Tim Burton need to collaborate on Tim Burton’s next film! Thom’s Design x Tim’s Thought Process would be insane in the membrane. I can’t even begin to explain to you all how much I love Thom Browne. If he were my dad, I would tell a different story every day with the way I would dress myself. Enough Of My Gibberish get into the collection!
As we all know “if you don’t shame on you” Thom Browne has exquisite tailoring skills, and if they weren’t showcased to the max with this collection. Well you just don’t know perfection my dear! I couldn’t possibly fit all 40 looks into this post so I had to narrow them down. This is magical with a twist “Think Dark Twisted Fantasy” que Kanye
I can’t get past how much face each model is giving, they totally nailed their acting skills. Lets get into the detailing shall we? Rhetorical, of course we’re getting into it! From the beading, stitching, patterns, tailoring how could you not be in awe? I really cannot give you a favorite look, because these are my favorites, but I’m going to pick one from each row! Here goes nothing!
1st Row = Middle Photo
2nd Row = Third Photo … The arms sold this look without hesitation!
3rd Row = Middle Photo .. Those Arms x Facial Expression.. Yes!
4th Row = Second Photo.. Those Legs!! These Pants … I honestly can’t explain how I Feel. Amazing!!!
5th Row = 1st Photo … Hey Face
6th Row = Third Photo .. This Face x Look! Get into this design. can you imagine the sketching of these
7th Row = Second Photo.. Have you seen this dress in motion? If not “Get on Instagram Go To hash tags, and type in Thom Browne” you’ll find it.. Thank Me Later!

Thom Browne Sir! It saddens me dearly that I was not at this show, but next season I need to be in attendance. I can’t keep missing such greatness. I literally sat at my desk at work in AWE! I really can’t get over this! I am such a fan. These looks were complete. Complete as in you couldn’t possibly say “we’re missing something“, because nothing was missing!

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Ok I found a Video for you!!