SKINGRAFT spring 2014 runway show!

Got the chance to attend the SKINGRAFT spring 2014 runway show, and have to say it was quit the experience! Before the show even started I saw some interesting specimens! People decked out in head to to leather, capes, furs, corsets, and even horns! So I pretty much got my life before the show actually started LOL! But let’s stop all this chit chat and get into some of my favorite looks from the runway!


Favorite shoes from the runway:


LOVE THE ENTIRE Collection there wasn’t a piece that I didn’t like! From the shoes, to the mesh corsets, bombers, mirrored printed dresses/tops, and silk trousers! Everything was amazing, and the models strutting down the runway knew it! This collection was chic, cutting edge, and some what dangerous ! and those are all good things!

Also while at the SKINGRAFT runway show I ran into one of my favorite bloggers Jean, one half of  “Idiosyncratic Fashionistas” always a pleasure running into her and Valerie! Doesn’t  Jean look fab?!



check out they’re blog here

What do you think of SKINGRAFT’S spring 2014 runway show?



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