Concept Korea fashion collections s/s 2014

Concept Korea


Yesterday (9/9/14) i got to attend the Concept Korea fashion show at Lincoln Center, was actually really looking forward to this show because I’m a fan of the previous designers they showcased at fashion week for the last couple of shows.  So whey i got the chance to attend i jumped at the opportunity! this years show featured collections from KAAL EISUKTAE, CHOI BO KO,  BEYOND CLOEST, and BIG PARK! So lets get into the collections below and tell me what you all think ?!


Pamella Roland Pamella Roland

The collection was inspired by the Bible phrase “The stone the builder rejected has become the corner stone (Psalms 118:22)”  from the modern and structural designs Suk-Tae-Lee uses i can totally see the inspiration in this collection! Fierce bold and strong this is for a woman of confidence and who wears her clothes as armor, fashion warrior!




Concept Korea

choi Bo Ko says of his designs for his new collection “Arirang Punk inspires this collection; represented by the excitement of play and deep resentment, drawing inspiration from modern Korean culture through the use of punk elements such as exaggerated colors and patterns!”

We definitely get a feel of all these elements in his designs especially punk, I’ve been on this punk chic high for a while since the Met Gala so I loved every moment of this collection probably one of my favorites if not my favorite!




Concept Korea MaleCritique.comConcept Korea MaleCritique.comConcept Korea

Tae Yong Ko says this menswear collection was inspired by the everyday views of men working out in the gym. Loved the collection for the selection of colors and prints featured on the models and as well as the accessories chosen for the collection as far as shoes, hats, and bags! What really made me understand and appreciate this collection was once I found of the inspiration behind the collection and the reference the to vulgar music that was playing as the male models came down the runway genius!

BIG PARK by Park Youn Soo

Concept Korea MaleCritique.comConcept Korea MaleCritique.comConcept Korea

the Sihllouettes from this collection and the mixing of light to dark, hard and soft colors was the highlight from this collection to me, The collection possessed feminine qualities with an edge! I feel like the collection spoke to the duality women face on modern times the on the go woman and the womanly figure that society paints a woman should be, but that’s just my round up on the collection as far as the meaning! Park Youn Soo literally paints a different picture behind the idea of the collection as the collection is full on visual art inspired by folk art painting. Loved the collection and hope to see more from this designer!

What do you guys think of the Concept Korea fashion show? and Who were your favorite designers?