Male Critique got the chance to attend the GS Shop New York Collection featuring 5 top Japanese designers SJ WANI, ROBO, ALICE & BLUÈ, The Studio C by Hyejin Hong, and D ONTHE LABEL! This was our first year in attendance so we didn’t quite know what to expect, apart from what we decided to research up on each designer! The show ended up being amazing! Me (John) and Rashad are pretty much lovers of any garment that features a fur, and lots of these designers featured just that FUR FUR FUR!

Inside the High Line Hotel
Inside the High Line Hotel

The 1st thing that we noticed once we got to the venue of GS Shop show was the venue! It was held inside the HIGH LINE HOTEL which i’d have to say was breathtaking! Great space for a fashion show and loved the high ceilings!

But lets get back to the Fashion show I can ramble about the inside of the venue all day (lol). The first designer to showcase their collection was SJ WANI which was designed by Son Jung Wan who says the “brand pursues feminine, luxury and sexy clothes. Suggest that silhouette, material and color contain high- tastes and easy-styling through the more practical item.”






Have to say I loved this collection from SJ WANI, not usually to crazy about sequined garments because they sometimes come off tacky in my opinion but I loved the sequined jumper WANI featured and how they paired it with a fringed clutch.  Overall the collection was very chic and wearable. Enough “lux” for the fashionable New York woman but still practical for the day to day task! Loved it all.

The next Collection up to the runway was from ROBO by designer Lee Jae Hwan who says the brand pursues “Purity and perfection”.



 photo 1

Loved the fur accents in this collection ! Great outerwear and super fall ready! Not much to say about this collection but simply fabulous!

The next collection to the runway was ALICE & BLUÉ by designer JooHyo Soon who says the collections concept was “Romantic Urban Chic”.


imagephoto 1photo 2

Have to agree with the brands mood this collection definitely conveyed “Romantic Urban Chic” from the color palette to the styling! love the uses of the reds and greens in the collection! Alice & Bluè is most certainly a collection i’m interested in seeing  more from!

The next collection up was from The Studio C By Hyejin Hong who says the brands concept was “modern and structural silhouette trendy by chic sensitivity”. I unfortunately only got a few pictures from this collection before my camera went dead *sad face* .

photo 1
The Studio C

photo 2photo 3

Such a bummer that I couldn’t get much of this collection for you guys! But It was really a great collection! Hopefully I can get some hi res pics for you guys soon since I don’t have much from this designer!

The last collection up for the GS Shop show was D ONTHE LABEL  by designers Seokwon Andy Kim and Wonjeong Debbie Yoon describe their designs as “intelligent and beautiful”.

D Onthe Label


photo 3photo 5photo 4

Probably my favorite collection from the showing love the colored furs and just how well styled all of the looks were. Really enjoyed this collection, literally want to use every piece for my next styling project! Sassy, chic, and intelligent what else is a girl to want ?!

Below are some more pictures from the show enjoy!


Some uber stylish woman that me and Rashad LIVED for! HAUTE!

Me and Rashad at the show Male Critique
style icon Patricia Fields was in attendance! Love her!
Rashad took a picture with Famous Blogger Bryan Boy (on the left)
Me (John) trying to give serious FASHION mean mug lol