Something Besides Michael

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Dear God! I Won’t Speak His Name, He Might Be My Boss One Day. However Let’s Opt For Something A Bit Different For A Chance. Great Watches, But Now It’s Like Not Anything Special To Have. I’m Not Fond Of Having The Same Items As Everyone Else. So Here I’ve Put Together Four Watches For You. Two On The More Expensive Side, and Two For The Average Man Who Wants A Nice Watch.

The First Two Watches Are By Movado Black of course you know I stick to my color, but I will say they offer similar watches in Brown. Blah Back to what I was saying. This First Watch Is Structured Get Into The Shaping, So Sharp & Sleek It Better Be! I Recommend This Watch As A Gift From Someone With A Real Job. Why? The Price Tag That’s Why.. The First Movado Is Retailing For $1,295.00. Back To Reality For Those Who’s Budget Isn’t That Pretty Yet. How About The Second Watch For A Cool $495.00 Yeah It Isn’t Michael’s Price, But Come On You Trying Not To Be Like Everyone Else. Save For An Extra Month, and Then You Can Flash Your Movado In Their Face Or Not.. Stay Humble!

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For Those Who Don’t Need An Extravagant Watch or Don’t Find It That Serious. Don’t Worry How Could I Forget About Y’all Aha! I’m Actually Intrigued By These Two Watches From Our Pal Kenneth .. You Know Last Name Cole?
The First Watch Being Transparent! Wins Me Over. Slight Work With A Different Look. See I Know How To Be Practical, This Special Item Is On The Hit List, and In It Needs To Be Snatched.. Meaning I Need to Buy This. Look At Me Sharing Again. Retailing For ONLY! $145.00 FLASHING LIGHTS.. Tell Your Mom You Need A Watch If You Don’t Have A Job, Or Get Like Me! Buy Your Own. The Second Watch Is So Wall Street To Me, and I Love The Idea Of Wall Street, Minus The Boring Suits The Guys Wear On That Side Of Town. Like Really! Stand Out, and this second watch is only ahead of its counterpart by $5.. Retailing for $150.00 Told You! Practical.. Enjoy!