Marc Gives Us A Bag!

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 10.34.59 PM 2

Marc Makes Me Happy. Marc Makes Me Smile. Marc Tries To Make Me Go Broke! Marc Gave Me A Bag! Marc Presents Us With This PEACOCK GREEN PEBBLED LEATHER SLICE & DICE BACKPACK Everyone Knows I Love A Nice Bag. I Think Bags Are Becoming The New Shoe For Me. When I Walk Into A Store I Always Seem To Look For What Kind Of Bag I Can Buy Before I Look At Shoes! What’s That About? I Think It’s These New York Streets At Least My Bag Can Avoid The Nasty Sidewalks! Anyhow This Bag Is Definitely A Win! I’m Over Here Thinking To Myself What I Want For Christmas. The Biggest Shock Of This All Is That This Bag Is Two-Toned. You Know I Go Up For A Black Bag, But Lately I’ve Been Experimenting With Color!
Marc I’m Going To Need This Delivered My Friend! I Love That It’s Leather Which Means It Can Definitely Stand The Rain! I Need A Shoulder Bag, But I’m Always Worried About Staying Wrinkle Free.

I Love The Frontal Face Of This Bag! So Straight & Sleek! Clean Look! Which Means It’s Perfect.

Here’s The Best News About This Bag It’s Only $455.00 ! Yes Designer For Less Now This Bag Is “Marc By Marc Jacobs Not To Be Confused With Marc Jacobs

Thank Me Later! The Don

17 responses to “Marc Gives Us A Bag!

  1. I’m being 100 right now! You just made me order this for the new school year! Thanks man I needed a new bag

  2. Now that’s a bag & I love designer for less! The quality looks great too! Only $455 for Marc Jacobs. Man that’s a steal

  3. Marc never fails. I like this a lot too I might have to put some money aside for this to be my Christmas present

  4. Hey man I know you don’t know me, but I went to FAMU with you, and I always wanted to speak I just never knew how to approach you because I was never really on my a game with fashion, but I love your style and I love this blog. I wish I would spoke me & my freshman brothers were/are big fans. I was hoping to see you at school this first week shutting things down, but I forget you graduate on us.

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