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DSC02872 Founded in New York City by Taiwanese-born designer, Peggy Tan, the line finds its inspiration in the heritage of Mandarin-dress making. Asian Influence! Can’t you tell, If not? Your school system failed you.. The first name of the brand should have been an instant click! Mandarin & General’s Fall Collection gives me Glitz & Glam! Especially the Gold Pieces! Come through blinding with your wardrobe? Can you feel it? No! I Did Ha! Get into this Jacket With the Fur ! Sick right? Everyone knows I love a good fur.. Real of Faux? That’s Not for you to know! Just know I love them. No Real get into the fur, and cut of this Jacket.. The Button Placement! Did it for me! Yes For not being standard! Kick me to the side.Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 1.47.48 PM 2


Here’s a Little Lesson! KOTOBA, the Japanese word for language! Moving on! This Japanese Brand is a collective knitwear brand that focuses on promoting WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology. All that Right! Let me tell you the Quality is Ahh-mazing! Thickness! Only to be worn during the Winter! Unless you’re trying to die ! What I love most about this collection is that not only is it Knitwear, but It’s not just jackets or coats! They offer pencil skirts, and matching tops! Sleeveless too! Get Into That who says you have to conform to a certain look just because it’s freezing outside? I told you Mother Nature isn’t going to defeat!DSC02889
Zoom In! See The Cuts & Textures? Quickly Now!! Forgive Me! I So Didn’t Get Frontal Photos of this line. I Don’t know how that slipped my mind So let’s revert to the look book ok!DSC02881

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That’s All!

Special Thanks To OMEN PR Staff For allowing me to Ravish through their Showroom! Thanks Eduardo, Sarah, Jamie & Aaron!DSC02890

I Don’t Know If They Know I Took This Aha!! Hey Y’all!! See You Soon!