Nick The Godfather

Ok! So Here’s A Video Of The Legendary Nick Wooster. Speaking On Taking The Time To Get Dressed, and What It Means Or Feels Like To Him. How It Relates To The Amount Of Respect Or The Type Of Respect You Receive From People. That’s A Brief Synopsis On What He Said.

​My View; I Definitely Agree With Nick, and I’m Not Just Saying That Because He’s A Fashion Icon, But I Definitely Take The Time. I Usually Get Up Two Hours Before Work Or Wherever I Have To  Be At A Certain Time, And That’s Because I Need Time To Feel I’ve Perfected My Look; To Feel That I Am Certain Of What I Have On, And That My Clothes Are Wrinkle Free When A Guy Says He Takes Two Hours Or Even An Hour Or Longer To Get Ready, People Make Comments Or Question Why. Well To Be Honest Most Of That Time Isn’t Spent In Front Of A Mirror If You’re Thinking That. It’s Spent Ironing, Showering, Making Sure My Shoes Are Clean. My Teeth Are As White As Possible, My Breath Is As Fresh A Possible, My Clothes Are Lint Free Especially When Dressed In BLACK. Making Sure I Actually Like My Look For The Day & So Forth. If All I Wore Were Jeans, and A T-Shirt Then Of Course That Would Sound Absurd, But I Don’t I Wear A Blazer 90% of The Time Or A Dress Shirt All That Needs To Be Iron & Starched For Stability Throughout The Day. Then My Pants Always Need To Be Ironed… I’m Usually Dressed In A Fair Amount Of Clothing So That Definitely Takes Time, and I Have To Make Sure My Hair Cut Is A Perfect As Possible.

I Thought This Video Would Be Very Helpful To All Men, And Even Boys Who Are On Their Way To Being Men!


10 responses to “Nick The Godfather

  1. Love love this guy! I saw you in a photo with him on your previous blog & Instagram! Perhaps you should be in about 20yrs or the new him

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