Rashad x Alexander Nash

ANAlexander Nash has established a reputation for craftsmanship, classic cuts, exquisite fabrics, and superb attention to detail. I sat down with Alex Sumner, the designer at Alexander Nash, we spoke for about 15 minutes on one subject that brought upon many different subjects. I feel bad for not getting our conversation on video, but I was a man short! Enough of that!

Ready, Set, GO!

I walked right into a small piece of Heaven when I entered through the door of Alexander Nash, for the men who love to look nice this place is nothing short of an amazing dream! If I could afford a studio for just my clothes in New York City, I Would Because You Know I Don’t Sleep In My Clothes; Nor Do I Sleep In Them, I Require One Room For Myself & One For My Wardrobe”
DSC02898Bowtie Tutorial ! My Right hand man Ernie Was My Guide Throughout My Whole Experience Through The Showroom! Here’s A Little Fact About Moi! I Didn’t Know How To Tie, a Bowtie! “Screams” The Kidd Was Always Pre-tied .. We All Fall Short, But Now I’m Hip So You’re Late on that Fact! I’m In Dire Need Of A Velvet Bowtie I Lost My Previous One!
SETGet Into These Gems! If You’re Into This Type Of Clothing “Hey Friend“, But If Not! Let Me School You Really Quick! Fellas/Gentlemen Whichever you prefer your appearance is very important, don’t let society tell you that it isn’t! Alex Himself is quite tatted up, and Was still dressed in what many may call “Dress Clothes”, but what we just call clothes! Nothing Spectac! It’s Not Like We Wear HAUTÉ Couture! DSC02919 Next! Yes It Is He! My, Myself, & This Blazer! I’m Probably the Calmest When I’m Around Clothes! “Occupy Showrooms” You’ll Get That Later! Ok Stop! Just Stare! Not At My Face, But At This Jacket! Per-Fec-TION! One More Time PER-FEC-TION. Now It Say All Together! Ow! Just School’d You. I even took off my Shades for you! Blessed You All Are! Seriously Though Do You See This Print That Is On This Jacket? We Talking Magnif!
AN2 I Lost Breath When I First Saw This Jacket!

Rounds Of Applause For Alex! Or Mr.Nash. I Am Still in Awe of That Showroom, and I will Be Returning Soon! My Little Piece Of Heaven! Thanks Alex & Ernie.. My Right Hand Man Oh Who’s Ernie? DSC02916
Ladies & Gentlemen! Ernie!

For Your Viewing Pleasure! “Check Out My Show Footage How These Girls Be Spazzin”

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