Jennifer Lawrence Covers VOGUE

imageHollywoods “IT” girl of the moment gets the coveted role of gracing pages and cover of Vogues September issue which was shot by Mario Testino! This girl is on FIRE (pun intended)! Not much to say about the spread but that she looks amazing! The spread sees some of falls hottest trends placed on Ms. Lawrence without looking forced simply put great styling! Take a look at the rest of the spread below!

imageimageimage         Dress by Rochas Fall 2013 Collection

image Dress from Prada Fall 2013


What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue Spread?



20 responses to “Jennifer Lawrence Covers VOGUE

  1. Vogue September Issue !!! One of many things I anticipate all year. I’m so excited. Anyway I didn’t know what to expect with Jennifer Lawrence gracing this cover… I think she is beautiful but she bores me, usually. BUT everything was Amazing. Impeccable styling. Can’t wait to buy. Picture #3 my fave look.

  2. Love love love this spread! I agree with the comment above jenn does bore me but she looks excellent right here and as you’ve said great styling!

  3. DEFINITELY feeling JL’s spread in vogues latest issue. That plaid and leopard coat tho 😁 No Words ! ..

  4. Love her! Actually I’m just a Stan of her because I love the hunger games but none the less she looks awesome!

  5. love the cover, I do agree with the styling looks great, usually there spread are a tad blah but i love this one

  6. We all know the women that call up and order the clothes they see in Vogue are not 22 (Jlaw’s age) but Damn. She looks 35 at the youngest with that hair and these looks. The only one I see as “fun” or “new” is the one with the green leather shorts. Her face is great though!

    • i can totally understand your opinion! I Feel that was about a lot of vogues covers! but I think i always have to remember the age bracket that Vogue caters to women in there mid to late 30’s and up

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